When was the last time your brain really helped you?

How often is the most intelligent person you know also the most successful?

Is knowledge really power?

In all areas of our lives - our careers, our relationships with other people, our pastimes, it is most often our own brains that are responsible for preventing us from achieving our goals and dreams.

Who is Vaguen?
Vaguen is a motivational speaker and author of an actual book. His unorthodox approach to the use of the human brain has already helped thousands of people in the tens of thousands of seminars he has given all over the world.

Vaguen draws on everything from the mystical philosophies of the Far East to the simple wisdom of common sense. He uses inspiring anecdotes, spectacular demonstrations, as well as examples from his own perfect life to show how you can use your Ignorance to do anything you've ever wanted.

So join Vaguen, and become one of the few who understand the importance of understanding that a lack of understanding is unimportant.


About the show

The Power of Ignorance is a one-man mock motivational seminar featuring Vaguen, Master of Ignorance. Vaguen presents his method of achieving success and happiness and in doing so brings the audience into a darkly comic world of twisted logic and motivational nonsense.

In 2002 TJ Dawe saw an excerpt of a short film called 'The Power of Ignorance'. He thought it could be developed into a good one-man show, obtained the permission of the original film-makers, Jeff Sumerel and Sam Reynolds, and approached Chris to co-write and perform it. The show's premiere was the 2003 Canadian Fringe tour, selling out every performance in Winnipeg and Edmonton. Since then the show has toured throughout Canada, expanding to a 90-minute version, which, along with the book, was published by Brindle and Glass.


• The Power of Ignorance book, full title: 'The Power of Ignorance: 14 Steps to Using Your Ignorance to Become Happier, Safer, More Confident and More Likeable, To Forget Your Limitations, Inspire Yourself With Successes You've Never Had, and Achieve Your Goals In Addition to Enhancing Your Ignorance To Promote All Those Things, and Well-Being Generally' available to purchase!


• The Power of Ignorance play, also available.


• The Power of Ignorance book has been translated into Portuguese and published in Brazil! Have a look! O Poder da Ignorância. Apparently it's 'Um dos livros mais hilários já lançados.' Which I believe means 'one of the funniest books ever thrown