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Episode 1: Moving Up!
The Penumbra is ready to take the next step on his mission to protect the city, but finds that the city may not be ready for him.

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Episode 2: Safety Matters.
With this most recent defeat fresh in his mind, The Penumbra decides to confront the evil that is in front of him.

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Episode 3: Inner Evil...
Sometimes it takes evil to defeat evil, but how far can The Penumbra be pushed before even he breaks?

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Episode 4: Art of Concealment.
The Penumbra realises that his recent attempts have blinded him to something darker, a conspiracy that could be effecting the entire city.

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Episode 5: A Perfectly Good Plan!
Some men are defeated by defeat, and some men have the courage to try again. The Penumbra is one of those second kind of men…

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Episode 6: A Stupid Dream
And Alexander wept for there were no more worlds to conquer… Just when it would seem that The Penumbra has everything he wanted, a new enemy appears, reality. But is it reality or just the fear of a new unknown?